Bible Lesson Plans And Ideas

Kindergarten bible lesson plans are probably one of the most important lessons that you can teach a child. These will cover manners, kindness, love for one another, how to share and many other social skills that will help build character and faith.

I normally read a bible verse to my children, explain it through puppets if necessary and also include a craft and or a recipe to reinforce what they’ve learned. I’ve recently introduced a book with blank pages for each child.

I cover the books with colored construction paper and let them decorate the front page with stickers and pictures of their choice. This way they can place a lot of their work in the book. They will really be proud of this and want to show it off to friends and relatives. Last but not least, everyday we pray together and out loud. Prayer is very important as it shows them that we can talk to God anytime.

The basic Kindergarten Bible Lesson
Plans are as follows:

  • Bible verse reading.
  • Discussion with or without puppets to explain bible verses and stories.
  • Do crafts, coloring pages or play a bible game or skit.
  • Make something together that the children can eat.

Kindergarten Bible Lesson Plans - Idea 1

Read John 13:37 in a children’s bible.

  • God always answer our prayers. No matter what. Sometimes He says yes, sometimes no, but He can also say wait. Normally, it is not pleasant for us to wait because we want things immediately, but there is a good reason why God wants us to wait. We must just let him lead so that we can follow.
  • Play follow-the-leader. Teaching kids how to follow and lead. Allow them to take turns. This will teach them valuable lessons that they will carry for a lifetime.
  • Find an easy recipe for homemade jelly or jam. Have the kids help you make it and then put it in the fridge and wait until the next day for the children to enjoy during their snack time. In the meantime, offer them another small treat to enjoy this particular day.

Kindergarten Bible Lesson Plans - Idea 2

Read John 14:9

  • When we like someone, we want to spent time with them. Doing things together and having fun is what makes us friends. If you want God to be your best friend, you will need to spend time with Him.
  • Choose children that are not the best of friends. Make them spend time together doing fun things such as crafts or a game.
  • Make sure you have a few goodies on hand such as popcorn, candy or crackers. Sit down in a little circle with the children while you all enjoy your snacks. Now, ask them what all they've learned about their new friend since the activity began.

Kindergarten Bible Lesson Plans - Idea 3

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:23

  • If we want to become like Jesus, we must give our hearts to Him so that we can feel what He feels and see what He sees.
  • Cut out a big heart out of white construction paper and let the kindergarten students color or paint it red. Write for them whatever they want to say to Jesus on the heart.
  • Make heart shaped cookies. Let the kids roll out the dough and cut out the cookies. Bake and enjoy the cookies with them.

Kindergarten Bible Lesson Plans - Idea 4

Read Matthew 6:26

  • We do not need to worry about anything. God looks after the birds, bees, stars and everything. Just remember that God loves you and wants you to be His.
  • Make paper flowers or fingerprint bees. (See craft section for ideas)
  • Let the children eat honey on their bread after you have told them how it's made and where it come from. Made with love from the bees, that even God looks after.

Kindergarten bible lesson plans should be short and have an impact on the child. If the activities are too long, they will loose focus rather quickly and not concentrate any longer.

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