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Kindergarten Activities are probably one of the most important parts of early education. Fun-filled activities stimulate all the senses and keep the child engaged either physically and/or mentally. On this page and throughout our website, you will also find a host of fun printable kindergarten activities.

If you're looking for something specific, scroll down the page and find the activity that most interests you. Some of these include kindergarten summer activities, kindergarten math activities, kindergarten reading activities, kindergarten music activities and kindergarten science activities. If introduced properly, these learning activities can promote a variety of skills in your young students such as:

Gross Motor Skills are movements which use the large muscles in the body. Good developed motor skills are important in a kindergartner’s daily task. In order to succeed, they must be able to sit upright in one position with good posture. If they aren't able to do this, their ability to learn can be greatly jeopardized. The best way to develop strong motor skills is to spend quality time outside with the kids and by engaging them in different physical activities everyday. 

Fine Motor Skills are the small movements of the fingers, hands and wrists. Neglecting to develop this skill can lead to the inability to write properly and use a computer. A great way to start fine tuning these motor skills is done through activities involving their fingers and hands such as coloring, painting, writing or playing with clay.

Visual and auditory perception is the ability to recognize what is heard or seen. A good example is phonics: A child with an auditory problem will have difficulties in hearing the difference between pen and hen. Offer your child lots of activities that involves hearing and seeing.

Mathematical skills are required from a very early age. The first thing a child learns is sharing equally. There are lots of kindergarten activities and worksheets available on this website to teach Math skills.

Language and thinking skills are developed from birth. Children learn their native language without any proper teaching but they need help in learning to read and write. Make sure your child excels in this area by offering them lots of books. Read, talk and discuss topics every day. There are many free kindergarten activities on this site to help your child become a successful reader.

Music skills should be taught as early as possible. They are a wonderful way for your child to express their feelings. Teaching young children to sing or play a musical instrument will help build self esteem and confidence in themselves. Expose your child to music; you never know if you will end up cheering for them on stage one day.

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Kindergarten Activities

Body Awareness Activities

Idea 1
You can teach your child the names (thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger) of their fingers and then trace the outline of their hand on a piece of paper. Ask them to name each of their fingers on the drawing.

Idea 2
Find a big enough coffee table or chair. Place it in the center of the room and ask your child to follow your instructions.

Sit on the table. Sit under the table. Sit next to the table. Stand in front of the table. Once they understand their position in these exercises, ask them questions like: Is the table above you, beside you, in front of you or underneath you?

We hope you enjoy and take advantage of all the kindergarten activities located on this page and throughout the website.

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