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Dora, Alphabet Letters, Animals ...

Enjoy our free Kindergarten Coloring Pages. Dora the Explorer, animals, insects, reptiles and alphabet letters are some examples of the coloring pages that you will find on this page.

These kindergarten coloring pages are the ideal activity for your young child or toddler. Most experts believe that coloring not only influences creativity but also helps with the fine motoring skills development of a kindergartner.

If we really think about it, young children need to use the small muscles in their hands to grasp a crayon and use hand-eye-coordination to put the pencil to paper. It does not end there. Again, they have to focus on staying in between the lines on the coloring page and making left to right movements. This in itself involves strength and dexterity. All of these skills will utilize movement by their hands, fingers and thumb.

Kindergarten coloring pages should be fairly basic in nature. Images should be of pictures with thick lines that are not too detailed and that do not cross all over the page. They should have lots of big, white open spaces so that they do not take hours to color. Small hands, small pictures is our motto.

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Another fantastic boredom buster is a coloring page of the child's own face or any other person that is known to them. They can color and use it in a variety of ways such as for gifts, wrapping paper, wall decorations and if you want to make it even more special, make a set of the entire family, color them all and laminate. These make wonderful place mats that you can use on your dining room table.

Remember that every kindergartener develops differently and at their own pace but you can play an important role in helping them develop their skills and coloring pages are one of the tools that can assist you in doing so.

Below you will find some kindergarten coloring pages that kids will like and that are easy to color. Please check back, as we will be adding more to this list on a regular basis. You will need a PDF reader in order to print these kindergarten coloring pages. Just click on one of the categories below, choose a picture and download.

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