Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum

What exactly is the difference between a kindergarten curriculum and a kindergarten lesson plan? In general, a curriculum generally encompasses and defines all the courses that are going to be taught. Lesson plans are more specific and must fit within the framework of a curriculum.

How do I know I’ve chosen the ideal kindergarten curriculum?

The best way to begin is by visiting your local library or bookstore and look at what the government guidelines for a particular age group should look like. By doing this first, it will make your research on the internet a lot easier because most providers will offer a sample page as well as an index that you can look at. If the content is similar to that which the government has mandated, you should be okay to go ahead and buy it.

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Recommendations: The benefits of buying a curriculum written by private individuals, especially homeschooling parents, are tremendous because they’ve done all the research for you through years of trial and error. Each of their lessons are basically pre-planned for you. Also, their curriculums are usually fun and easy to understand and teach.

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Or, you might consider Bob Jones University. Bob Jones University supplies kindergarten curriculum to private schools and to home schooling parents. You can even request sample lessons before you purchase their curriculum. We've been using some of Bob Jones' products with our children and they are really fantastic.

Bob Jones Curriculum For Kindergartners

Homeschooling Parents Curriculum

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More Great Choices For Kindergarten Curriculum...

International Curriculum

Mother Goose

Online Curriculum

There are also a few online kindergarten curriculum programs. Just remember that these are entirely computer based so you might need to throw in some other activities. We live in a world of technology and our kids need to be educated to use the technology to their advantage. A great idea is to buy yourself a good kindergarten curriculum and look for an online program that can correlate with your learning material and where you can monitor your child’s progress. On-line sessions done in this manner should be no longer than an hour max. That is a winning recipe, especially if you have other children to teach as well.

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