Free Kindergarten Flashcards
Printable ABC And 123 Flashcards

Kindergarten flashcards are a great and effective learning tool to use for individuals or small groups. On this page you will have the option to download and print free ABC and 123 flashcards.

Wide varieties of flashcards exist on the market today. Many different themes are available to choose from including: alphabet, numbers, shapes, animals and colors. You can also find character kindergarten flashcards such as Barbie, Dora and Barney that can help you in your teaching endeavors.

If you are feeling inspired and creative, you can also make your own. We've added basic alphabet and number flashcards below that you can print off for free. After printing, cut them out and laminate them if you choose. To make it more interesting, glue them to a Popsicle stick.

Kindergarten Flashcards

We use flashcards to teach numbers, math, vocabulary, colors and shapes. We found them to be a very effective way of teaching kindergarten children. Most kids don’t think of it as actually learning but instead they see it as a game.                            

Alphabet Flashcards

Number Flashcards

Living in this age of fast, technological advancements, even kindergarten flashcards are being targeted. You can buy IPOD’s, cell phones and games that have them already installed with the option to install more. These gadgets are nice items to have when you are on vacation or when you are busy with other daily tasks.

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