Kindergarten Lesson Plans

Choosing A Kindergarten Lesson Plan

Kindergarten lesson plans are very important tools for kindergarten teachers and anyone involved in early childhood education because they will save you time and create order and structure in your daily activities while at the same time enabling you to enjoy your children as you teach.

You will also gain more confidence from them as you see the students responding in a positive manner. There are two primary things that you should take into consideration when preparing your lesson plans; the children’s skill levels and the types of materials you will use.

My Lesson Planner is a great piece of educational software which does nothing but assist teachers to create the best lesson plans possible. Built for teachers by teachers, this will help you build the ultimate plan. For pre-k-12.

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If you are currently in a situation which requires you to find your own materials, there are many free kindergarten lesson plans available on the web which are of very high standards to choose from.

There is a great board full of them on here which you can get super ideas from. Click here to check it out!

These may seem a little intimidating at first glance because of the amount of information covered in them but they will be well worth the investment in the long run after you've had the time to thoroughly review them.

Math Lesson Plans

Bible Lesson Plans

When choosing a plan, try and find one that matches your own teaching style and philosophy. You’ll obviously need to know your own area's educational requirements (especially if you are a homeschooling parent).

Once you've decided upon a particular plan that you are going to use, follow it closely but leave a little wiggle room for spontaneous ideas. By doing so you will have a greater chance of staying on track and achieving your objectives.

Be sure to include different subjects in your overall lesson plan and strive to make it interesting and challenging for your students. Children need constant mental stimulation in order to remain attentive.

We all know how quickly they can switch off sometimes so it is imperative that your plan will move from subject to subject in a manner that both covers the areas you wish to teach but also has enough ‘stimulation’ in the form of fun or entertainment to keep them engaged.

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