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Kindergarten music activities are a fun way to teach children all about music. You are probably thinking about your favorite song but what I’m referring to is much deeper than a song. With that being said, our children do need to be exposed to many types of music such as Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Wagner and many more. This type of music is not just beautiful, but also stimulating and has a calming effect. Kindergarten music activities play a very important role in a child's development. Just think about it.

If you neglect exposing your child to music, how would you know if he/she is not the next Mozart or Elvis. You can only develop a special talent if you know that it's there. Kindergartners can learn all about rhythm, melody and harmonic progressions by just listening to musical instruments.

I was never exposed to kindergarten music activities, but I wish I was; because now I would love to learn how to play the guitar. It is more difficult to learn an instrument as an adult than when you are a child. You can start with something simple and fun. The idea is for them to love music and not find it boring. Choose something that both you and your child will enjoy.

Experiment a bit; I'm sure you will soon find out what your child prefers.

Idea # 1

A nice way in teaching your child about music instruments is to buy a recording with all the pictures and play it to them while showing them what the instrument look like. If you can’t get hold of a recording then you should consider a keyboard. Most keyboards have settings that you can use to mimic the sound of a specific instrument. You will still need the pictures. Once you’ve done this activity a few times, (remember that repetition is essential) you should let them listen to a symphony and ask them to show you the pictures of the instruments they’ve heard.

Idea # 2

You can extend your kindergarten music activities to include rhythm. You can clap your hands rhythmically while your child copies you, for example: Clap – clap (pause) clap – clap or clap (pause) clap. Utilize many different rhythmic patterns for your child to follow. Children enjoy this activity tremendously.

Idea # 3

Invest in a Xylophone and teach your child what a high note and a low note is. Play it on the Xylophone and ask them to copy what you’ve played. This is a fun activity and your child might not want to stop.

Kindergarten Music Activities

Make Your Own Homemade Musical Instruments

Kindergarten music activities also include making your own musical instruments from common items found in your home.

Idea # 4

How to make a rattle:

You will need: Toilet paper tube, markers or paint (anything they can decorate with), rice or beans and a stapler. Have your children decorate the tube first. Pinch the one side of the tube close and staple it close. Add a handful of rice/beans and pinch the other side in a perpendicular way. Staple and let them enjoy.

How to make a drum:

You will need: Decorating goodies, coffee can with lid. This activity is very easy and straight forward. Kids need to decorate and then just tap the lid with fingertips or sticks.

How to make a Guitar:

You will need: Sturdy Tissue Box, rubber bands of different sizes, decorating goodies. Again they need to decorate first. Show them how to stretch the rubber bands across the opening of the tissue box. Let them pluck and strum.

Idea # 5

This kindergarten music activity needs a few glasses. Preferably thin glasses. Pour water into the glasses in different levels. Let your child sort them according to the levels in the glass. Give them the Xylophone stick and ask them to softly tap the glasses to make music.

In Conclusion

The possibilities for kindergarten music activities are endless. Children can pretend to be songwriters, singers, musicians and much more. Allow them to explore and enjoy music. Invest in a good CD player and buy them many different styles of music to experience.

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