Kindergarten Worksheets
& Free Kindergarten Printables

Kindergarten worksheets are now available and ready to be printed off at your convenience. We have a nice selection to choose from including worksheets for kindergarten math, alphabet, reading, nursery rhymes and even pre kindergarten worksheets.

Our Kindergarten Worksheets are designed to:

  • Improve fine motor development skills such as neat handwriting and drawing.
  • Encourage development of language skills. This results in the ability to make comparisons, solve problems and think creatively.
  • Improve hand eye coordination which will enable the child to be more effective in reading activities and sports.
  • Help with color recognition and perception that will enable the child to reflect or convey their visual experience effectively.
  • Help with shape constancy. The ability to recognize a basic shape or object, regardless of the size. This ability also has a great influence on a child's Mathematical skills.

Time to Download & Print!

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Times are changing...

In the past, kindergarten students were only expected to handle the basics such as tying their shoes, recognizing basic colors and shapes but things have changed and kids today are expected to have greater capabilities such as knowing the alphabet and numbers as well. Expectations for children are high these days. That is why we are offering you these fun and free worksheets and printables. 

My eldest is currently in kindergarten and I have been amazed at how much and how fast they actually learn things. They seem to have sponges for brains which soak up everything they can. We should all tak advantage of this stage of their lives by helping them get that extra bit of development which will help them later in life.

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P.S.: Remember that young children need to be praised all the time especially when exposed to new learning materials. Don't be discouraged if your student is not ready or is making a lot of mistakes. Mistakes can and will happen but those mistakes should always be corrected in a subtle loving way.

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