Kindergarten Writing
Tracing And Writing Exercises

Children take their first steps in kindergarten writing by drawing, tracing and scribbling. This is the perfect time when parents can help build good writing skills. Learning to draw and write is a fun activity for any kindergartner because they are so fascinated with crayons, markers and pencils. Our daughter fell in love with all the colors of the rainbow, and we had to buy every single shade available.

But, before learning to write the letters of the alphabet, young children need to practice tracing and drawing to gain pencil control skills. This ability will shortly thereafter lead to forming the letters and numbers correctly. Teach your child to hold a pencil properly but do not rush things as they do not have steady strength, balance and dexterity in their hands and fingers yet. Let them have fun in their activities and do not force anything. Teach writing skills gradually so that your child enjoys it and looks forward to it every day.

Here are some tracing and writing exercises that utilize letters of the alphabet and various directional lines that you can print off to help get you started with your kindergartner. Please have your child practice the tracing of the lines first until they become fairly accurate in their abilities. You will need a PDF reader to take advantage of these free kindergarten writing downloads.

Tracing And Writing Exercises

Diagonal Lines

Horizontal Lines

Vertical Lines

Tracing Capital Letters

Tracing Lower Case Letters

Writing Practice

Tracing Rainbows

Kindergarten writing as well as learning to read are just the beginnings of a lifelong journey for your children and/or students. Don't you owe it to yourselves and to them to get them started off in the right direction and on a solid foundation?

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