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All of our printable kindergarten activities are designed for crafts, games and art projects. Your child should never feel that they are being forced to sit down or do any activity that they are not ready for or find boring. When children play, they naturally handle things, observe changes, pull things apart and ask questions. All of this forms part of their early development that is so important for their formal schooling. Now, more than ever, a parent's involvement is crucial.

Technology in our lives is one of the major causes of inadequate learning with our children. We tend to put our children in front of a television set and expect them to be quiet while our work-lives demand attention. The same applies to stay-at-home moms. If we make a decision to be at home with our kids, then we need to leave room for them to explore and enjoy time with us.

Our printable kindergarten activities are all hands-on activities that will need the input from the parent, caregiver or teacher. They are all basic activities and really do not need lots of preparation and can be done with all the siblings.The idea is to form a bond while enjoying the activity.

Make Your Own Bookmarks

The first activity is making bookmarks. Just print on white card stock and decorate with crayons, glitter or stickers. The possibilities are endless. You can even join in and make one with dry grass or pressed flowers. You will however need to buy decifix to protect the decoration from falling off during use.

Make Your Own Greeting Cards

The next activity is something that most kids love doing, creating cards. Just print a design or template found below and have the children color them if they are in black and white. After printing it on white card stock, fold the paper in half with the picture on the outside. Cut out along the edges and write or decorate the card in the middle. It is really fun and the cards look great.

Browse our wide selection of Free Printable Kindergarten Activities Greeting Card Graphics. Just click to open and print.

Play Match Cards

Our next printable kindergarten activity is matching cards. You can print out a few, cut out according to the instructions and play a matching game with your kids.

Paper Moving Body Parts Activity

The last but not least is our “moving body parts template”. Choose whether you want a boy or a girl. Print on white card stock. Let them color in the body parts. Help them to cut out the body parts and attach the parts to the body with brass fasteners. The legs with now move around as they shake it. You can even help them attach it to a string and use it as a puppet that hangs in their room.

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